Published June 2010

Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Dan Hill and I am a student at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism with a minor in Computer Science. This is where I post some of my own reporting.

There are lots of Dan Hills out there. If you're looking for an interview with Dan Hill, the 2010 Nebraska congressional candidate, check out the article to the right. If you're looking for Dan Hill, the Canadian pop singer, you're at the wrong site.

Dan Hill challenges incumbent in Nebraska congressional race

Published November 2, 2010

Dan Hill, a 45-year-old military veteran from Michigan, launched his campaign for Nebraska's 3rd district House of Representatives to little fanfare in the summer. Seeking to upset incumbent Republican Adrian Smith, Hill ran as a conservative independent and staged a grassroots campaign, traveling the west half of the state to engage rural voters. He even wrote a book describing his background and political views. I spoke with Dan Hill, the candidate, recently to find out how he would represent the many people who share our name across the country.

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