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Trial and error intro to SSL

One of the highlights of getting engaged was the opportunity to build a wedding website from scratch.

Okay, not exactly, but implementing SSL for the first time was extra rewarding after overcoming some fits and starts. I didn’t keep a step-by-step record of my trials in my haste to complete the site before invitations arrived, but these were the main errors I encountered.

I set up the site almost entirely with Namecheap and bundled SSL services with the domain and hosting, but browsers raised ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID messages after I followed a hodgepodge collection of Namecheap how-tos. I was using a self-signed certificate and needed to update  with the certificate that had been verified by my SSL provider.

With my admin settings configured, I was able to visit the both http and https versions of the site, but I wanted to force all traffic to https. I thought I could accomplish this with a cPanel redirection, but no.


Instead, I edited the .htaccess file at my site root, following the guidance of a Namecheap how-to article. In this case, it was as easy as uncommenting a few lines of my yeoman-generated template.

It was intimidating to have my first SSL attempts met with error messages, but I feel a bit more comfortable with the process after fixing them. Perhaps this site is next.